TOYOTA CELICA ST202 93-97 Brake Caliper OH Kit (Front only)


TOYOTA CELICA ST202 93-97 Brake Caliper OH Kit (Front only) (AP-OH060)

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SUMITOMO DENKO Brake caliper Overhaul kit (Front only)
TOYOTA CELICA ST202 SS 1 (Sep,93-Aug,99)
TOYOTA CELICA ST202 SS 2 (NO-Super Strut Suspension) (Sep,93-Dec,97)

TOYOTA CELICA ST202C (Aug,94-Dec,97)
TOYOTA CELICA ST203 (Sep,93-DEc,97)

Piston seals for disc brakes, essential item for brake overhauled. Rubber piston seals will lose soften because of high temp of caliper, that hard seals can’t push pistons straight down and it causes the loss of brake performance. Piston seals replacement is necessary to keep real brake pad and rotor performance. SUMITOMO DENKO is an official maker of 4 pods brake caliper for NISSAN Cars. THIS KIT IS ONLY FOR FRONT (Left and Right).